Link multiple objects with individual group address


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    Anastasios Giannopoulos

    Hi, maybe on ETS6. The pop-up window is just to generate new addresses and write the description you want,every programmer have another way to work on GA.When you have 100 of the same devices you want the GA to be a specific for each device and object,because when have number of telegrams in the diagnostic I can very easily filter to them.This is my way on work.I don't know if i help you.

    Have a nice day 

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    Stien Van Gestel


    This means we share the way of working.
    As you can see in the screenshot, every group address has a prefix 'Remote Access'.
    This is specific for this device.
    If I would have 2 the same devices I would have 'Remote Access [01]' and 'Remote Access [02]'

    Kind regards!

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