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ETS6.1 Windows 11 Not discovering devices



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  • Anoup Mammen

    it seems to be working for my team and I ..

    i have ETS6.1.0 with Windows 11, ABB IP router 3.1.1

  • Ben van Beek

    I am also running windows 11 and the application is working with IP and USB Interface.

    How are you trying to discover your devices ? in the catalogue? or through a line scan?

    Also good to note, if you are trying to connect to the Bus and another program or person is using that interface (IP) then you must use a different one or manually connect and use a USB interface to connect to the KNX bus. 
    Maybe youre connecting through that Interface (IP) that your'e trying to change? maybe you can connect with USB interface and see if it lets you modify its parameters that way?