How to copy 5 consecutive group addresses to 5 consecutive group objects?



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    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello Christian, thank you very much for this input. Do you know that you can achieve that by using the 'functions' and 'channels' in ETS? You can simply create your functions, link them with channels and ETS will remember the configuration so that you can then drag'n' drop a channel to function so that 2 or more Group Addresses are linked at the same time.

    Check it out!

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    Christian Mjaanes

    Thanks. I was not aware of this feature. Sounds handy for a smaller project where group addresses can be created on the fly upon creating functions. However, from the little I have tried it now, it looks to  me like a function is a specific instance with specific instances of group addresses inside. So, for a large project, where you typically have pre-generated (via e.g. Excel) hundreds (or even thousands) of group addresses that are available in ETS, generating a function and manually dragging the right group addresses are just as tedious as dragging them directly to the display/actuator.

    ETS should be so that I could mark e.g. five group addresses and drag them over the first group object of a device. ETS should then ask me if I want to link all with the first or link 1-and-1 (i.e. the first group address with the first group object, the second group address with the second group object). You could even have a setting where you could define the default behaviour.

    Or, have I misunderstood functions?

    Thanks in advance


    Christian Mjaanes



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    Herr Fendt

    This is exactly the feature I want.

    For me it would also be ok to mark the necessary group addresses and communication channels in the appropriate sequence and then drag and drop the group addresses into the communication channels.

    I would be very happy if this feature is implemented.

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    Wing Hoa Kong

    Hi KNX Support,

    Will this feature be implemented because to drag & link ten thousands of points is extremely tedious & mind taxing.......

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