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ETS6 Freezes



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  • Roman Schulz

    Same for me.
    Intel Core i7 12 Cores 10750H, 16GB Ram and 1TB SSD, Win 10 Enteprise

  • Martin Hecker

    +1. I would say this happens mostly when I quickly have more than one action in little time (can be changing a value quickly twice or more times by incrementing/decrementing via mouse or also be changing different values within little time)

    Windows 10 Pro, Intel Core i5-9600K, 32G RAM, SSD (Samsung 970 EVO)


    And.. I mean like extremely often. I wanted to go through a bunch of Gira switches (5173) and everywhere set in/decrementing percentage to 3% for dimming, and this just caused like 5 crashes in 6 switches..

  • Roman Schulz

    I am currently migrating two Project from ETS5 to ETS6 and therefore doing a lot of reconfiguring. ETS6 is freezing like for Martin every few (10-15) changes. Everytime need to wait at least 30 second until I can continue. Not what I expected when buying the ETS6…

  • Patrik Hedlund

    Often also when I do a parameter change and ETS freeze it can look like the change have been done when ETS comes back, when it really hasn't. No groupobjects have been opened and so on.

    That is also a problem when massediting parameters In several devices at once. The change don't happen at all places.

  • Tom Fabrega

    For me it looks like ETS6 runs into some kind of buffer overflow because I also get these freezes quite regularly and after around 30sec it will unfreeze but the last 1-2 clicks I made are undone like I have never configured them.

    This is really bothersome because ETS6 freezes like every couple of clicks.

    I am on ETS 6.0.4

  • Leonardo Lunardini

    Same problem here, Dell XPS 13 9380, ETS6 6.0.4.

    While editing names of group objects, if you click 2 times for highlight, edit it, and then click the next one, it will hangs 90% of times. If you use only the keyboard (F2 - enter) it will crash only a few times.

    Having to check every time the last edits it's a pain.

    I confirm also that multiple selection is bugged, the edit won't work as expected, mostly when using filters. Also multiple reads won't works.

    I never use beta software in workplace, let alone pay for it. This is a beta software.