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ETS Professional feature requests

Rename Group Addresses in bulk


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  • Stephen Tankard

    Find and replace can do this but you need a way to select only the addresses of interest, and also have something to be replaced.  Maybe copy a middle group and add an underscore to the start of your template GA names?

  • Stephen Tankard

    Also, Extended Copy ETS App can do this very easily but you do need to buy the App...

    Select GAs and Copy


    Paste Extended


    Setup the Paste - with Prefix




  • Stephen Tankard

    A related (but not the same) ETS App is the Move/Shift Addresses by IT-GmbH which looks quite interesting:

    Perhaps IT-GmbH could implement an additional feature in this App to change the Group Address names?

  • Stien Van Gestel

    Hi Stephen

    Thanks for your answer.
    I already use these workflows.

    Manually adding an underscore to be replaced still is time consuming.
    For 10 group addresses it's nothing, but I'm talking about hundreds.

    I'm maybe the biggest fan of the Extended Copy app, but it created new group addresses.
    I'm talking about existing, linked addresses.

    Also Move/Shift Addresses is very nice, but indeed not serving this purpose.

    Frequently, I export group addresses to add a prefix or suffix in Excel.
    If this would be possible with ETS, I'm sure it will be used a lot and users will be able to work more efficiently.


    Kind regards