ETS Professional feature requests

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ETS6 overview page by clicking on the KNX symbol
8 votos 3 comentarios
KNX connection via existing LAN network between 2 buildings
0 votos 2 comentarios
Line Scan range
2 votos 3 comentarios
Dynamic Folders make unfoldable Respondida
1 voto 2 comentarios
KNX ETS For Mac Respondida
4 votos 1 comentario
Regular expressions and Extended Copy
7 votos 0 comentarios
Disconnect group addresses deletes all addresses
1 voto 1 comentario
Make menu bar available again for pinning the functions
0 votos 0 comentarios
Toggle multiple interfaces - simultaneously downloading (VPN)
10 votos 2 comentarios
Add first free individual address button
4 votos 0 comentarios
Improve group name changing
4 votos 2 comentarios
Building Import via .csv or .xml or ...
2 votos 0 comentarios
Extended copy - not possible to keep areas
3 votos 0 comentarios
Application version in topology/device window
4 votos 1 comentario
Multiple selection count Completada
6 votos 6 comentarios
Redo button
7 votos 4 comentarios
Fensterleiste bei Arbeitsfenster wieder anbringen Respondida
1 voto 2 comentarios
Don't require username/password login if a dongle is present Respondida
2 votos 8 comentarios
Give the option to Open Hyperlinks (such as GA) in a new window below the current one Planeada
4 votos 2 comentarios
Cloud license - offline for a time
64 votos 3 comentarios
Online catalog for everything - ALL Applikation and Documentation
3 votos 0 comentarios
Feature Request.. Project viewer with changelog
2 votos 1 comentario
List view of projects Completada
3 votos 5 comentarios
Projektpasswort temporär merken - Temporarily remember project password
13 votos 0 comentarios
Archiv erste sperren, wenn lokal Änderungen durchgeführt werden. -> Archive lock when local changes are made
2 votos 0 comentarios
Project sort by date
5 votos 5 comentarios
Park button next to individual address Completada
7 votos 5 comentarios
ETS6 - Connection manager and diagnostic tools outside a project Respondida
2 votos 3 comentarios
Coupler update prompt in ETS
10 votos 5 comentarios
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