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ETS Professional feature requests

Add export project to start up options


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  • Commento ufficiale
    Michael Critchfield

    Let me thank you for your post and the many replies. Please remember to upvote this Feature Request in order for it to get attention.

  • Florian Winkler

    Alternatively, this option could be added in gui preferences as a startup behaviour?

  • Markus Meindorfer

    Well, in my case not. Because in may case it makes only sense to export after changing. On shutdown  down the software would be an option. But since it should not be done each time, only if a backup is done afterwards. So i think best would be command line, because it is most flexible. And i can trigger it whenever i need it. Or it can be done complety automatically.

  • Michael Krmasch

    Hey what about this request. I think command line could be quite powerful. I am thinking about creating automated exports of the project and also esf files. It would be great to have something like that and it should be simple to activate such a support.

  • Florian Winkler

    I fully support this request!

  • Benjamin Schneider

    We would also like to have "Export" for our operational process.

    Additionally a "List" command with the output of all projects would be perfect!