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ETS inside on Linux


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  • Roland Tapken

    The latest supported Debian release seems to be Debian 9 for the moment, because of missing dependencies. This is sad, since Raspbian for Raspberry Pi 4 is based on Debian 10.

  • Michael Forrer

    Yes, therefor it would be very nice to have a docker image. Then you don’t have to worry about dependencies.

  • Patrizio Dini

    I'm trying to make it works on Debian 9 without success.

    Do you have any suggestions to make it works?

  • Michael Forrer

    It’s been a long time ago since my lasst look on it. I remember that I downloaded a already prepared image, without taking the hurdle to build it by myself. You can find it somewhere in this forum, but I don’t know the thread anymore. Which problems/issues are you facing?

  • Marco Colizzi

    Hi, I have UBUNTU 13 wich version do you suggest to use for ETS linux version?

    Buongiorno ho appena scaricato la versione per linux ma manca la procedura per installarlo. Grazie