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Allow more search/filter options

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    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello Duncan, you could use the dynamic folders for such filtering. See here:

  • Duncan Greene

    Hi Vassilios, I've noticed that as per the limitations listed on that page, you cannot achieve what I've mentioned in my post.


    1. Each property of a Basic Element can only be used once in Selection 1."

    I need to use the 'name' field twice, once to specify 'status' and again to remove those that 'fault'. Can we get this sorted?

  • Vassilios Lourdas

    Hi Duncan, could you give a concrete example of what you would like to achieve?

  • Duncan Greene

    I've not got the example to hand of the 'same selection 1' issue above, but the exclusion operator would resolve it in a heartbeat.

    Another example is that below, I just need to quickly return group objects whose function is switching, but I don't wish to include all of the group objects with 'group' in their name.

    I'm well aware that I could use Dynamic Folders to achieve this, but the problem is they search over all group objects in the project unless you narrow down to a particular device name/address, etc. This is fine if you happen to be doing the operation on 1 or 2 devices, but when you are needing to do it on hundreds at different times, Dynamic Folders are too slow.

    A simple:

    Object Function:Switching && Name: != "group" that you could paste in would do the trick far quicker.

    (P.S. That leads me to another bug with the searching currently, the term below:

    Object Function:Switching

    does not work out of the box because the "Object Function" clause itself needs to be enclosed in quotes.

  • Duncan Greene

    Vassilios, another example here.

    I've got about 200 PIRs. Some have a description of "clc", some have a description of "occupancy", and some have no description.

    I need to return a list of all of those that don't have a description. Not possible since you removed the option to be able to use the Description field in a query more than once.

  • Duncan Greene

    Any updates on the above?

  • Duncan Greene

    Hi Vassilios, any updates on the above 1 year on?