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ETS Professional feature requests

ETS support for IPv6



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    Jan Kessler

    Hello Saul,

    no, unfortunately you cannot enable IPv6 in ETS. Mind you that it is not primary ETS not supporting IPv6 but the KNX devices and the KNX-IP protocol which currently do not support addressing with IPv6 addresses (16 bytes compared to 4 bytes IPv4 addresses). So, firstly the protocol would need to be extended, then the devices would need to support IPv6 and only then ETS could be able to address an IP interface via IPv6.

    But: currently the KNX manufacturers decided not to extend the KNX-IP protocol and their existing devices but to target IPv6 support only with a totally new generation of KNX protocol (named KNX-IoT).

    I hope, I could help although the answer might not be satisfying for you ;-)

    Jan Kessler