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ETS Professional feature requests

ETS Pro running on Linux


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  • Tamas Solymosi

    Hi Eduard,

    I'm using Linux as well. (for work and for private use as well.)
    I have a VirtualBox image just for the knx stuff.. (I tried wine but it wasn't working..)
    As I understand they are rewriting ets6, so hopefully it won't depend on windows and .net framework.
    Will see, but would be great to hear some good news from the devs.


  • Frank Beckereit

    I'd like to see maybe a Browser-Version that would enable usage on many platforms.

    If Linux and Mac native would not planned for, and as Microsoft is moving towards Win11 with new "security" and cloud features nobody (besides Microsoft obviously) wants or needs, this might be a doable compromise.

    So running it in the Browser could solve the Microsoft Lockdown-Problem.

    Or make it a Java application ? Users are already used to ETS being slow anyways, so that would be a small sacrifice to make it platform independent.



  • Jose Bernabeu

    .NET is available on many different platforms. The non-graphics part should be quite adaptable to most of those platforms. The visual part could be coded for the web... 

    Heck!, they could even provide a Cloud service with a bridge dongle/device (for the price they ask, they might as well provide such a potentially cheap thing)

  • Rafał Niznik

    ETS on linux please