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ETS Professional feature requests

Ukraine Language for product

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  • Vassilios Lourdas

    Hi Taras, do you want to support e.g. Ukrainian language for KNX products? We could do that, but do you already have a manufacturer wanting to offer Ukranian? If yes, please let us know and we will check it out.


  • Taras Fedorchuk

    Dear Vassilios,

    Yes, we have a manufacturer which wants to use the Ukraine language for KNX products.

    Eelectron, HDL the manufacturer which we want to translate to Ukraine 

  • Michael Critchfield

    Hi Taras, we have added Ukrainian as Product Language. Manufacturers can already begin providing a Ukrainian Language to their Product Files (.knxprod). In addition, we will add Ukrainian as ETS User Interface Language. Please understand, that this will take some time.

  • Taras Fedorchuk

    Hi Michael Critchfield, We are ready to help with translation.

    What do you need for this?

  • Michael Critchfield

    Hi Taras, I do appreciate your offer. Our Developers have already begun the process of the ETS User Interface translation. With regards to KNX Products, we have enabled Ukrainian as Product Language in our Manufacturer Tool.