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ETS Professional feature requests

QR code reading

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  • Vassilios Lourdas

    Hi Alessandro, the copy/paste of the serial number is planned for our ETS6 summer release in June. With regards ot the problem you are facing, I would recommend to have a look here.

  • Uwe E

    I'am facing the same problem. Mostly when the camera device was used in another application before.

  • Jens Oellrich


    I am using a professional Datalogic Gryphon USB scanner that behaves like a USB keyboard. Model is GD 4400. Works great. Forget about the notebook cameras, mine is sealed anyway because of FACTORY SECRETS of VERY IMPORTANT clientts! Uuuh!


  • Francisco Javier Fuentes Jiménez

    Hi Alessandro,

    I had the same problem, it was the antivirus who was blocking the camera from ETS6. It was solved by adding ETS6 to the antivirus trusted apps.

    I also think that be able to paste certificate codes would be usseful.