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ETS Professional feature requests

Park button next to individual address



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  • Stephen Tankard

    I agree. Students do this all the time. The park button never made much sense to me.

  • Morten Pedersen

    This is definitely a classic, pressing park, instead of just enter or clicking wherever.

    Maybe park could be renamed: leave unaddressed, unaddress, or just leave it as park and then have a hover explanation (in general this hovering explanation is much sought after)



  • Stien Van Gestel


    Thanks for removing the park button in 6.1.0.
    The functionality can still be used by right clicking the device.

    Unfortunately, the 'OK' button to confirm a change of individual address was not implemented.
    I still need to ask the trainees to click in the description field to confirm a change.


    Kind regards

  • Roland Klöffel


    please do not implement an "OK" button to confirm a single address change. You don't have to click in the description field to confirm a change, rather you have to click anywhere, i.e. just keep working. With the button, I'm forced to use it, causing unnecessary clicks.

    Kind regards

  • Stien Van Gestel


    I agree with you, we need to avoid unnecessary clicks.
    I just noticed a lot of times a starter changed the field and didn't see it changed in the building view because his cursor was still in the field.

    Same goes of course for parameter fields.
    If you ask for 5 DALI groups, they are only shown after you leave the box and the parameter is confirmed.

    It's a very small detail which doesn't need further attention.
    It's just how it works.