Cloud license - offline for a time
64 voti 3 commenti
ETS on a Mac
56 voti 37 commenti
Dark theme
37 voti 8 commenti
Provide a USB C version of the license dongle.
23 voti 1 commento
Keep the changes of the column width for parameter chapter or even store them with workspace
19 voti 0 commenti
ETS Pro running on Linux
18 voti 4 commenti
Word wrap for grids and tables
15 voti 2 commenti
Projektpasswort temporär merken - Temporarily remember project password
13 voti 0 commenti
search multiple group addresses in the group monitor
13 voti 2 commenti
Linking multiple group objects to multiple group addresses
12 voti 1 commento
Rename Group Addresses in bulk
10 voti 4 commenti
Toggle multiple interfaces - simultaneously downloading (VPN)
10 voti 2 commenti
Coupler update prompt in ETS
10 voti 5 commenti
Read KO direktly
10 voti 1 commento
Disable search for a Internet connection and license at starting the ETS
9 voti 0 commenti
'Search and Replace' with Wildcards
9 voti 3 commenti
Group address hover over popup
9 voti 0 commenti
ETS6 overview page by clicking on the KNX symbol
8 voti 3 commenti
Reset column ‘last value’
8 voti 0 commenti
Feature request search by serial number
7 voti 4 commenti
Regular expressions and Extended Copy
7 voti 0 commenti
Redo button
7 voti 4 commenti
Use of enter instead of Create & Link when creating group addresses
7 voti 1 commento
Read me before posting! Mostrato in alto In evidenza
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Cannot read project names
6 voti 1 commento
ETS6 Freezes
6 voti 9 commenti
Stop re-adding Desktop Shortcuts after ETS updates
6 voti 0 commenti
Add possibility to use negative offset in "paste special" of GA`s
6 voti 0 commenti
Object numbers sorting
6 voti 2 commenti
Default dynamic folder: All group addresses
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