Cloud license - offline for a time
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Dark theme
22 voti 4 commenti
Word wrap for grids and tables
15 voti 2 commenti
Write multiple group addresses
13 voti 3 commenti
search multiple group addresses in the group monitor
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Coupler update prompt in ETS
10 voti 5 commenti
Projektpasswort temporär merken - Temporarily remember project password
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'Search and Replace' with Wildcards
9 voti 3 commenti
Read KO direktly
9 voti 1 commento
Group address hover over popup
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Remember 'Highlight Changes' Setting in Parameters
8 voti 3 commenti
Use of enter instead of Create & Link when creating group addresses
7 voti 1 commento
Reset column ‘last value’
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Park button next to individual address
6 voti 5 commenti
Make "Hightlight changes" button default on
6 voti 3 commenti
Stop re-adding Desktop Shortcuts after ETS updates
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Add possibility to use negative offset in "paste special" of GA`s
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Object numbers sorting
6 voti 2 commenti
Default dynamic folder: All group addresses
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Display device type in catalog window, i.a. for reconstruction.
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ETS6 Freezes
5 voti 6 commenti
Project replication to 3rd party storage cloud
5 voti 1 commento
Send/read groupadress with shortcut
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MAP: Copy parameter settigns for all channels
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Quick linking of group addresses for specific products
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Change the Behaviour of the Description field for Devices
5 voti 1 commento
Integration of LibreOffice into the ETS App Labels
5 voti 3 commenti
ETS5 Group Monitor sorting of the output
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Read me before posting! Mostrato in alto In evidenza
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Disable Double-Klick on GA Option
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