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Do we have authority to install KNX products after Achieving the Certificate of E Campus


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  • Stephen Tankard

    No. KNX Association does not authorise anyone to install KNX products. You need to have the correct authorisation/qualification in your country to be allowed to work on any relevant electrical systems. For example in many countries only a qualified electrician can work on “mains” 110V AC or 240V AC electrical systems.

    By successfully completing the KNX Basic Certification course exams with a Certified Training Centre you can become a KNX Partner - maybe that is what you are wanting?

  • Harpreet Singh

    Thanks Stephen, I have completed KNX  course and have ETS6 Lite version. does this mean i am qualified to do KNX projects ?


  • Stephen Tankard

    Hi Harpreet,
    People who have successfully completed the 30 hour KNX Basic Certification course are given the title KNX Partner and are considered by KNX Association to have shown a basic level of proficiency with the KNX system. If you have completed the Basic Certification Course exams you should be on this list:
    If you are not on the list you have probably not successfully completed the Basic Certification course.
    eCampus is not the Basic Certification course; eCampus is a precursor to the Basic Certification course.
    Please search the KNX website for a KNX certified training centre in your region: