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Older Berker B.IQ Push button Not showing up in device catalogue?


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  • Ben van Beek

    Figured out that Berker was bought by Hager and that all devices which were once supported by ETS5 are not supported in ETS6

    I understand that these companies are not really producing new products as they do not exist, but this is a huge obstacle if say we had 100 of these devices in a preexisting installation. 


    after some more troubleshooting and research i figured out that Hager no longer supports these devices and instead they are part of another company that still sells them, which is EIB. (https://www.eibmarkt.com/)


    The really weird part is that now that i have made my new installation on ETS6 , after doing a line scan i find the device and its physical address and the program tells me that its green and good? also i cant address anything or change that physical address (1.1.7)

    Is this normal behavior of ETS6? why cant i modify anything ? 

    Also, It would have been nice if there was an option to select multiple regions to display devices/applications from them.

  • Ben van Beek

    Figured out how to add the device, called Berker and they provided us with a zip file which had the working plugin for the device and a separate file named  Bq2_2v01.vd3  , You then click the import button on the catalog to import the B.IQ devices... 

    With this being said, the problem i presented 2nd, about the device being shown as in project and program , i can not change or modify the device or the physical address

  • Bert Blockx

    Hi Ben, 

    On the Hager website the B.IQ devices are still present, also the knx databases are still provided. On the hager website i cant see anywhere message, text or sign that these products are discontinued. Can you explain why you think these devices are not supported anymore?