ETS Inside project export for visualization (e.g. Gira Project Assistant - GPA)



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    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello Jacqueline, yes there is a way for that as you have correctly found out. In the future we are however considering having a modern visualisation export in ETS Inside.



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    Jacqueline Voß

    Never mind technically there is a way. I can download my ETS Inside project to ETS5 and then export it into a .knxproj file if I have an ETS5 license. But this is the point. I paid for ETS Inside and don't want to use ETS5. Can't you enable this feature. I mean in the end it does harm your license just helps the ETS Inside users to use the .knxproj for e.g. visualization reasons....

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    Véronique ROBIN

    I fully agree with Jacqueline.

    The purpose of ETS inside is to give autonomy to end user, so not giving him the opportunity to export a project is clearly a  something missing.

    I fully support the request of feature creation.

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