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ETS Professional feature requests

Option to disable auto-generation of group addresses when adding Functions



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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi I am looking also to remove the auto-generation of group addresses - is this possible please?

  • Michael Critchfield

    Alexander, Suzanne, thanks for your input. I understand you use the functions for the icons but delete all auto-generated Group Addresses (GAs) to then add your custom ones. May I ask what it is that you are missing in the auto-generated GAs?

  • Ruzza Fabrizio

    Hi Michael, I also use the same method.
    In order to use the automatically generated GAs, these should have at least the name of the function created as a prefix or suffix, in addition to the function type [3] (described by Alexander).
    Currently all automatically generated GAs have the same name even if they have different functions.
    Thank you

  • Alexander Volle

    @Michael Critchfield: I'm not missing anything in particular from you, but my way of creating group addresses differ very from the way ETS generates them.


    First of all, I don't make the group addresses all in the same main and middle group. They are separated into main groups by function, then middle group represents the floor (typically), then the sub group represents the room. Sure, I could just move those, but I like to create the group addresses before I make the functions.


    Furthermore, I often (most likely) don't use those types of group addresses ETS generates, so I'll have to delete some anyway. As it's impossible to actually delete group addresses from within the function, I'll have to navigate to the group addresses tab and find them there. It's not always intuitive to know where they are created even.


    And the language is an issue as well. It's conventional in my country (at least) to write the names of the group addresses in my native language (Norwegian), so the English generated names make no sense.


    And lastly, I often auto-generate group addresses whenever I start a project. This means that the group addresses exist in my structure, but the functions do not. I'll have to generate those functions that will generate group addresses. This is what leads me to delete them all, all the time.


    It should be pretty easy to add this option, in my opinion. It's just a boolean checkbox and an if statement in the code. Sure, you'll have to create some extra unit tests, but not much work.


    If anything is unclear or you want me to expand further, I'll be happy to oblige.

  • Michael Critchfield

    Alexander, thanks for providing such detail! We will consider your input in upcoming Releases!