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excessive limitations on ETS lite


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  • Willem Hellenthal

    We have the same problem, i'm happy to buy ETS Lite, when it does do more then just 20 devices. We have a normal appartement, and we have now already 31 devices. Specially when you started small, with actors witth just a view outputs in one device. And the CC led controllers i use have just one output a device, so this goes very quick.

    ETS Prof is just to expensive for this as a hobby, and just for one home. I have seen the ETS Inside in use at a friends place, but that doesn't look usefull to me. And he was also not happy about it.

  • Paul Seabright

    I'd just like to say I agree with the OP.


    I too am looking at home automation for a my new build. ETS5 lite is just too restrictive for a one off project, and ETS5 pro too expensive.  KNX has many advantages, not least of which is the very wide range of suppliers and products that are available.  However, at the moment, unfortunately, the licensing issue alone is likely to steer me away from KNX altogether.

  • Robin Wyles

    I agree with the OP also - I do t understand why it wasn’t restricted to a single line and 64 devices which seems to be a good residential limit. Even more annoying is the fact that there is often some promotion for large percentages off ETS5 pro which makes a mockery of its usual price. Just price it fairly and be done with it!

    Also, there is a lot of opacity about upgrade costs for Lite to Pro - I simply can’t find these in the KNX shop. Add to this the uncertainty around ETS6 and the costs/upgrade costs to this has meant that I am not purchasing anything for now. 

  • Nicholas Nolby

    I’m in the same situation. Home user on a Lite license. More than 20 devices in a small apartment.

    Had to remove one device just to add a wireless receiver. Quite annoying.

    The project design is also limited so I’ve been forced to break up the “apartment” into smaller pieces.

    I would hate to see the competition run past Knx just because of limited projects when smart homes are really starting to take off.