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upgrade old installation ets3 to ets5


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  • Charles Omar


    Did you manage to resolve your problems?

  • Charles Omar

    Hi Jamal
    Do you already have the configuration in ets3?
    If so it can easily be converted.
    Or do you have an existing KNX installation with no project files?

  • Mark Newland

    Hi All 


    I have a similar problem above i have a property with Siemens equipment which looks like it around 2005 to 2008 so vd 1 ets 3 etc


    i am a ets 5 user and am struggling to get this equipment to communicate through ets5 and help would be greatly appreciated as i would really like to re use and re configure these devices 


    When im in programming mode it wont load or unload PLEASE HELP :)

  • Jamal Lumsden-Din

    Hello, What was the solution please to this? Save me posting from new.

    I have a similar situation and wondering if KNX Inside migt be a better solution for a single site?

    1. will ets5 or INside an option to configure?

    2. would ets5 or inside be able to read device settings from all of the devices?



  • Jamal Lumsden-Din

    HI Charles Omar, I have the database file. Do I need to convert that over before loading onto ETS5?


    ps - sorry for the delay, I didn't realise you had replied.

  • Jamal Lumsden-Din

    Hi Mark Newland

    Did you manage to convert the file?



  • sheik mohamed

    hi ,i have old project file need to be upgrade ets5

  • ronald wolf

    Yes, all is well. Thank you for your response