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ETS Hangs when downloading anything other than 'full download'


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  • Vincent Meij

    Same issue here! Also running ETS 5.7.3 (Build 1066) I just updated to 5.7.4 (Build 1093) but the problem remains. I tried both tunneling and multicast on deffirent devices. I'm would try USB but don't have an interface here at the moment.

    Any ideas on this?


  • Jim Maynard

    Hi Vincent,

    I solved mine. In the topology view, once I set the Area device to IP as well as the Home Line, everything worked fine.


  • Vincent Meij

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you this resolved the issue. I’m running ETS5 in a VM so I thought that this was causing  the problem. Instead your answer pointed me in the right direction. All I had to do was set the standard bus connection interface to “None” in the line properties panel.

    Many thanks,