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ETS Professional feature requests

Link multiple objects with individual group address



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    Klaus Gütter

    Your suggestion (to take over the object name as group address name) is implemented in ETS6

  • Stien Van Gestel

    Dear Mr. Gütter

    ETS6 suggests the Object Function for the group address name.
    This works for some manufacturers but is totally useless for others.
    Maybe it's a good idea to add the option in the settings to take the 'Object Name' or the 'Object Function'?

    I wanted to point your attention to what Tore wrote in this topic 2 years ago.
    "We need a function to link multiple objects to individual group addresses".

    It could work similar like this:
    1: Select 100 objects
    2: Right click and select 'Link with individual GA'
    3: A pop-up appears with 'Start with', 'Offset' and 'Prefix'
    After clicking 'Link' all group addresses will be created with prefix and offset and linked to the selected objects.

    Would you be so kind to re-open this topic?


    Kind regards


  • Tore Austad

    I solve your problem  a little different when i need many object from one device.. I mark all objects i want, copy, them paste them in excel, next i mark all "names" of the object, and copy it. then i take a new excel file, paste all names starting at A1, ending at Axxx. in column B i pick a main group numer, lets say 15, Column c is middle group, ex 3. Column D is group adress starting at lets say 24.

    If you save this file, and right click in the group adress window, import, chose your file. This creates all GAs defined in excel, starting at 15/3/24


    Here comes the wanted request:

    We need a function that lets you mark lets say 15 device objects, the one you need, and then dragndrop them at a "starting pont" group adress, lets say 15/3/24. Normally this links all marked objects to this GA, but lets say you hold CTRL while dropping, it should link them 1 - 1 starting at 15/3/24. Object to drops in GA 25, etc

    This could let us link an complete DALI gateway in just seconds

  • Anastasios Giannopoulos

    Hi, maybe on ETS6. The pop-up window is just to generate new addresses and write the description you want,every programmer have another way to work on GA.When you have 100 of the same devices you want the GA to be a specific for each device and object,because when have number of telegrams in the diagnostic I can very easily filter to them.This is my way on work.I don't know if i help you.

    Have a nice day 

  • Permanently deleted user


    This means we share the way of working.
    As you can see in the screenshot, every group address has a prefix 'Remote Access'.
    This is specific for this device.
    If I would have 2 the same devices I would have 'Remote Access [01]' and 'Remote Access [02]'

    Kind regards!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Tore

    Yes, this is correct and I'm doing it this way already, copy to Excel, save as .csv and import it back in ETS. It works good, but it takes too many time.

    Indeed, what I also need is to link 106 objects to a unique group address in 1 second.

    But ok, with the shortcut it takes only 2 minutes.


    Kind regards