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ETS Professional feature requests

Project list in ETS 6



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    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello gentlemen, thank you very much for your feedback. We do appreciate it, but please let's keep it polite.

    @Jens Oellrich: Perhaps the tags and the pictures are not needed for you, but are for the majority of our users. Moreover, we have to support our main user group, which is the professionals, but we also have the home owners and the DIYs that also need support, and perhaps even more because they may not have a professional training like the ones the professionals get. Therefore, we have to consider both! :)

    @Tomáš Pospíchal: Good news for you as well. We are going to implement a "project list" in our "Autumn release".

    Thanks for your feedback! //Vassilios

  • Benjamin Schneider

    Full ACK!

  • Jens Oellrich

    Yes, the ... was meant as what it was written. Censored.

  • Jens Oellrich

    Sometimes I think, KNXA wants to loose professionals but support beginners.

  • Tomáš Pospíchal

    YES PLS Project list is horrible!!!!

  • Jens Oellrich

    Thank you, Vassilis, for your reply.

    Actually, in my opinion it is a wrong policy to support DIYs by disturbing the workflow of professinals that have been using ETS for decades.

    KNX is not suitable for untrained people. And that is quite ok, there are enough alternatives for DIYs.

    You have to be VERY aware that we are using ETS about 50% of our work time over the year. Even small changes may result in inoperability of running projects; and I am not happy to see that development spends time - paid by my license fees - on "features" while I have to wait for bug fixing for years.

    Talking by experience.

    But apart from that - thank you again for taking our opinion seriously. Please excuse the ... word in my first post.




  • Duncan Greene

    Is this issue now fixed in ETS6?

  • Frank Jakobsen

    When will this be adressed? This is really limiting the overview as stated by @Jens Oellrich

  • Aimo Suikkanen

    @Vassilios Lourdas

    We are going to implement a "project list" in our "Autumn release"

    Did this get sacked?

  • Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello Aimo, no no :) We will release it in the upcoming ETS v6.1.0 version within few weeks!

  • Frank Jakobsen

    We are still holding our upgrades until this and the other critical missing features in ETS6 is solved. Please give us an ETA on when we can upgrade when it's fixed. 

  • Alexander Kirpal

    I fully agree with this. The turnover of KNX is not achieved by DIY enthusiasts, but rather by professionals and specialized companies! If you want to incorporate DIY enthusiasts (which you have not managed to do for decades), don't forget who feeds the hand that feeds KNX :-) It might also be a good idea to add a "Professional View" option.

    I am looking forward to version 6.1.0. It seems like the planned release for fall 2022 didn't happen... when will those few weeks be over?