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ETS Professional feature requests

Set Project Password



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  • Officiële opmerking
    Michael Critchfield

    Great idea, thank you. We will note it down for one of the upcoming Releases

  • Stien Van Gestel

    Hi Michael

    Still in ETS 6.1.0 this is not easy.
    If you add your first secure device, you should be asked if you want to use KNX Secure or KNX Standard.
    You should not be asked to immediately set a project password.

    KNX Secure is a beautiful thing, but we need to keep it simple.
    And for those who just want to control the lights and shutters with KNX Standard, it should not become more complex.

  • Uwe E

    Oh yeah! This would be a simple but great improvement!

    Best Regards!

    Uwe Engling