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ETS6 Crash



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  • Officiële opmerking
    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello all, we have released the update that fixes this freezing, problem, you can get it via your ETS6 directly or from here: https://support.knx.org/hc/en-us/articles/4987802893074.

    Please let us know if you encounter any further issues,

    Regards, Vassilios

  • Vassilios Lourdas

     Hello Vincent, we are aware of similar issues like this one that you have reported. We are preparing a fix for that. Apologies for any inconvenience, Vassilios

  • Angus Kerr

    Yes I have the same issue and it has now trashed my entire project!!

    It also has been failing too back up so lost a weeks work. When will this be fixed as it crashes every time a change is made to a device.?


  • Max List

    Is there at least a possibility to downgrade to a previous version as with 6.0.3 no further work is possible anymore!!! ETS always crashes and destroys the project as soon a a device is programmed and I am even not sure if it does not brick the device one time. Currently ETS is a very expensive piece of ... and customers soon will start complaining why their expensive KNX installation takes so long :-/ Please provide a bug fix asap or at least provide a role-back to the previous version!!! 

  • Max List

    Andy by the way the new version also stalls for minutes when you perform many edits (eg assigning GAs) in a short time and I have to say that the general performance got worse (everything seems to be slower than before esp. when working in full screen mode on a 28" screen - you can literally watch your typing appear and tab-changes are so slow that you don't know if the app got the event at all ...) - sorry to tell you but 6.0.3 is rather a bug inject than a bug fix version. please do a better QA for the next release and provide a hot-fix role-back to 6.0.2 which was not perfect but at least did work. Please!

  • Bennet Jost

    Same problem here, Since I also updated version 6.0.3, the ETS 6 crashes regularly and I lose large parts of my programming. Hours of work is simply gone and the customer regrets his purchase decision and swears never to afford KNX again because the installation just isn't finished. We need an immediate fix.

  • Max List

    I have a Workaround that at least helped me and allows me to proceed my work - its just a change in the way I usually work but OK for now:

    Do your necessary configuration of the devices but don't program them yet.

    Than close the project and create a restore point (optionally export the project if you want a backup)

    re-open your project and go straight to the changes devices folder

    mark all the devices which you want to program and lets-go


    As long as you don't change anything or perform other configuration tasks in the devices you can program them and ETS will not crash, but as soon as you modify values or change GA assignments without closing the project first ETS crashes. At least this is the behaviour that I experienced.

    Also try not to open to many main Tabs with different views of the same project or Debugger as this has massive impact on the performance.

  • Angus Kerr

    Max - thanks for the workaround - It works a treat :)

    But seriously this is a mainstream software product with 1000's of manufacturer's depending on its stability and the goodwill of installers. How can we be in this position where it just doesn't work !!

    What is going on with the testing process as this nightmare has been unleashed into production. When will it be resolved?

  • Philipp Beyerlein


    Sorry KNX Developer, but I have to tell you, that the 6.0.4 does not work well. It will stop the freezing, but not the fact that the CPU utilisation goes high to 80%, when I was changing some value in the project. I have a Core i9 with 12x2,4GHz this should be enough power. Please fix it!