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ETS Professional feature requests

Coupler update prompt in ETS


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  • Stien Van Gestel

    I also forget to download my couplers frequently.

  • Duncan Greene

    Excellent idea.

  • Stien Van Gestel


    In general, I think it's a good idea to notify the user that there are devices in the dynamic folder 'modified devices'.
    For example with a red batch on top of the dynamic folder containing the number (same as a missed calls on your phone).
    Or when you close the project, you get a pop-up message 'Some devices need to be downloaded'.

  • Simon Holden

    Best idea ever. This trips me up all the time, and I spend a lot of time troubleshooting then do the face slap emoji and remember that I need to update the couplers.

  • Paul Wooller

    If this was to be introduced, this would be really helpful for me onsite, as this is something I forget to do regularly.