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ETS Professional feature requests

ETS6 - Connection manager and diagnostic tools outside a project



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  • Vassilios Lourdas

    Hi Stien,

    In ETS6 everything requires a project-context. You must therefore always have a project open to import or add devices or make diagnostics. There is no longer project-independent diagnostic panel.

    There are several reasons for this change. With the introduction of secure devices, we need more and more project context, so project-independent diagnostics and product entries have only created problems that I would not like to analyze here. What you could do in fact is the following:
    1. Create an empty project.
    2. Scan the line and note down the individual address results (the amount and the numbers). 
    3. Add the same amount of devices (as indicated from the previous line scan) in the empty project.
    4. Attribute to those devices in your project the individual addresses that were found from the previous line scan.
    5. Then you can either unload them one-by-one or use the training centre tool app.

    In the run-up to the ETS6 development, we evaluated the needs of individual functions outside of a project context together with our UX specialists and KNX professionals from all over Europe. The users rated the need to perform project-independent diagnostics as low in these sessions as they always have to refer to a project with given data.

    Such workflows as you describe them are more likely to be found indeed, in training centres. However, we of course also see these use cases and do not rule out the possibility that there will be again some kind of such diagnostics, perhaps by extending the Training Centre Tool App.

    Regards, Vassilios

  • Stien Van Gestel

    Thanks Vassilios!

  • Morten Pedersen

    So what you are saying is basically there is no way to easily unload a device, like in ETS 5, where you would simply unload the device from diagnostics->unload, and then setting whichever device you needed to unload in programming mode?

    So why not simply have the unload feature as part of the linescan (as in: rightclick on device, choose unload) or individual address check, seen as how it must now be project specific?

    The steps you suggest part 1-5 is sure to deter any beginner imho. we need something more simple