ETS5 on a Mac Gepland
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Provide a USB C version of the license dongle. Gepland
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XML Reports / XML export of buildings/topology Voltooid
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ETS 6.0.2 - Customize Tool Bar Beantwoord
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Download individual address using serial number of the device Gepland
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Dark theme
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Word wrap for grids and tables
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ETS Pro running on Linux Gepland
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Allow resize of description field Gepland
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Allow a 'whole string search' on the search fields Gepland
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Write multiple group addresses
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Option to disable auto-generation of group addresses when adding Functions Gepland
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Remember position of scrollbar in individual windows Gepland
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search multiple group addresses in the group monitor
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Add a 'Do not ask me again' option to the Interface Check dialog Beantwoord
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Search with short delay while typing into search input text field Gepland
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Set Project Password Gepland
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Read KO direktly
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Allow more search/filter options Beantwoord
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Group address hover over popup
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Grouping of ETS Projects in Project Archive Voltooid
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Improvement proposal "Locked due to download operation" with visible parameters Gepland
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Coupler update prompt in ETS
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Project list in ETS 6 Gepland
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'Search and Replace' with Wildcards
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Use of enter instead of Create & Link when creating group addresses
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ETS6 Archive - Automatic Lock of Project Gepland
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Allow to insert Functions in Room without creating group adresses Beantwoord
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Reset column ‘last value’
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Collect usage & diagnostics information Beantwoord
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