ETS Professional feature requests

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ETS App Extended Copy: Treat sub groups the same way as main and middle groups
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Word wrap for grids and tables
15 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Expand 'Last Download' Dates to cater for things like Device Unload
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Reinstate programming flags if a user clicks Undo Gepland
2 stemmen 1 opmerking
timestamp for column ‘last value’
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Possibility to add a clickable hyperlink (e.g. to product website) to the ETS Online Catalog
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Show last value of a GA also in the device view
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ETS on a Mac
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project specific interface Voltooid
0 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Discovered interface in top
2 stemmen 1 opmerking
Alternative licensing model
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Different archive paths for projects Voltooid
3 stemmen 4 opmerkingen
ETS Pro running on Linux
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Link multiple objects with individual group address Voltooid
5 stemmen 6 opmerkingen
Search Function in the Busmonitor Beantwoord
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Rename local copy from Archive
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Allow 'Save' of Group Monitor telegrams whilst Group Monitor is running Voltooid
1 stem 2 opmerkingen
Set group addresses on several linked channels at the same time to "sending"
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ETS Reports customizable
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ETS5 user-defined functions - own ICONs / symbols Beantwoord
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Give Popup Menus a Visible Background
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Make the MAC Address field selectable
2 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Read Only ETS Projects
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Restore Points Should Be Available Across the Project Archive
3 stemmen 1 opmerking
Add Back and Forward Buttons to ETS to Cycle Between Views Voltooid
1 stem 2 opmerkingen
Allow resize of description field Gepland
14 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Stop re-adding Desktop Shortcuts after ETS updates
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ETS support for IPv6 Voltooid
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Keeping Linescans instead of overwriting
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