ETS Professional feature requests

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Provide the ability to preset the default 5 individual addresses
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Provide a USB C version of the license dongle.
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Sliders and touch screen PC monitor
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Loading and writing files within scripts Niet-gepland
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Copy Extended associations
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Information from the description field will not be displayed at the online catalog
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System messages are not displayed in foreground Voltooid
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Add export project to start up options
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Integration of LibreOffice into the ETS App Labels
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Manual setting of the programming status Beantwoord
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Group Range Size Manipulation Tools
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CSV Export of Free Level Group Addresses
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Paste Group Addresses into Multiple Group Ranges/Middle Groups
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Grouping of ETS Projects in Project Archive Voltooid
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Display device type in catalog window, i.a. for reconstruction.
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Rename Projects within the Project Archive Gepland
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Project Archive and Project Delete Issue
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Remove the notion of Group Ranges in free level Group Address structure
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Display of Group Range and Group Address in the same view
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Possibility to have text parameters already converted with Unicode Bidi Algorithm
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Limit the MAX_APDU length used for configuration in a global ETS parameter Voltooid
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Remember position of scrollbar in individual windows Gepland
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Importing Building Structure with respective Building Functions (as possible with Group Addresses) Beantwoord
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Improve the Datapoint Type 251.600 handling in Group Monitor Voltooid
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ETS5 Group Monitor sorting of the output
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Improvement proposal "Locked due to download operation" with visible parameters Gepland
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How to copy 5 consecutive group addresses to 5 consecutive group objects? Gepland
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Search with short delay while typing into search input text field Gepland
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Allow a 'whole string search' on the search fields Gepland
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