ETS Professional feature requests

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Add export project to start up options
2 stemmen 6 opmerkingen
Group monitor - Coloring unknown source address
2 stemmen 5 opmerkingen
Disable Double-Klick on GA Option
4 stemmen 4 opmerkingen
Remove the notion of Group Ranges in free level Group Address structure
2 stemmen 4 opmerkingen
Coupler update prompt in ETS
8 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
Remember 'Highlight Changes' Setting in Parameters
6 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
Group objects tab with multiple devices selected
3 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
Make "Hightlight changes" button default on
6 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
'Search and Replace' with Wildcards
8 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
Dark theme
19 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
Write multiple group addresses
13 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
Integration of LibreOffice into the ETS App Labels
5 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
Park button next to individual address
6 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Word wrap for grids and tables
15 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Make the MAC Address field selectable
2 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Object numbers sorting
6 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Possibility to have text parameters already converted with Unicode Bidi Algorithm
4 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Hyperlinks in ETS online Catalog
1 stem 1 opmerking
Set individual address when copy/paste devices
2 stemmen 1 opmerking
Visual optimization of the checkboxes in ETS
2 stemmen 1 opmerking
Use of enter instead of Create & Link when creating group addresses
7 stemmen 1 opmerking
Project replication to 3rd party storage cloud
5 stemmen 1 opmerking
Read KO direktly
9 stemmen 1 opmerking
Discovered interface in top
2 stemmen 1 opmerking
Restore Points Should Be Available Across the Project Archive
3 stemmen 1 opmerking
Size of additional group ranges should inherit previously specified size
1 stem 1 opmerking
Change the Behaviour of the Description field for Devices
5 stemmen 1 opmerking
Function extension dynamic folders
2 stemmen 1 opmerking
Copy Extended associations
1 stem 1 opmerking
Paste Group Addresses into Multiple Group Ranges/Middle Groups
1 stem 1 opmerking
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