ETS Professional feature requests

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Reporting - Component Serial Numbers Gepland
2 stemmen 1 opmerking
Linking across tabs / Tab übergreifendes Verknüpfen Gepland
4 stemmen 6 opmerkingen
Give the option to Open Hyperlinks (such as GA) in a new window below the current one Gepland
4 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Make "Hightlight changes" button default on Gepland
6 stemmen 8 opmerkingen
Download individual address using serial number of the device Gepland
19 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
Set Project Password Gepland
13 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
ETS6 Archive - Automatic Lock of Project Gepland
8 stemmen 5 opmerkingen
Reinstate programming flags if a user clicks Undo Gepland
2 stemmen 1 opmerking
Allow resize of description field Gepland
14 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Option to disable auto-generation of group addresses when adding Functions Gepland
13 stemmen 5 opmerkingen
Write multiple group addresses Gepland
17 stemmen 4 opmerkingen
Remember position of scrollbar in individual windows Gepland
11 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Improvement proposal "Locked due to download operation" with visible parameters Gepland
9 stemmen 1 opmerking
How to copy 5 consecutive group addresses to 5 consecutive group objects? Gepland
9 stemmen 8 opmerkingen
Search with short delay while typing into search input text field Gepland
11 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Allow a 'whole string search' on the search fields Gepland
15 stemmen 5 opmerkingen
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