ETS inside as a docker Image


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    Roman Bäriswyl

    Hello Michael

    I am in the same boat. I already did some tries with dockerizing it and got it running EXCEPT that the docker container is not able to see my KNX IP router. This probably has something to do with how Docker on Windows works (and does not support --network host).

    Luckily, 1.4 got released today which is based on .NET Core and therefore is also able to run on Linux (which has better networking support).

    I actually got 1.4 already running in a Windows container with the same problem.

    And now I finally have it also running on linux which is now able to see the IP router wohoo! Now I am trying to found out where the projects are saved (found some place in the code that shows it is in Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData, which is /usr/share in linux and indeed, there are plenty of files and folders in a folder named KNX. I need to figure out which is the relevant one.

    If you are interested in helping me testing it and finding out more, feel free to answer here. I am currently preparing everything to be pushed to github. The first alpha is already on dockerhub:
    It can be started directly, just don't forget to forward the port and use --network host.



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    Roman Bäriswyl

    Oh and another topic I need to check is USB-Passhtru (first with ESXi as I run my Linux Docker host on ESXi, and then also from the Linux-host to the docker container, but I think that should be dooable).

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    Roman Bäriswyl

    The repository with the information and the Dockerfile and the manual on how to generate the docker image is here:

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