Possible ETS5 Issue



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    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello guys, sorry for this inconvenience. This problem is fixed in 5.7.2. Any affected projects should unfortunately be repaired by us. They are not repaired by simply updating to the latest version.

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    I have the same problem. i have to delete th device and start over again.

    And the device appears the address and application have not been loaded.

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    Evgeniy Georgiev

    Nice, it's two of us now...

    Ioannis, although it not good news, it's a relief to know that it's not only me who is having this issue.

    Is there somebody out these from KNX Support team?

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    Angel Arolski

    It is more of us experiencing double objects. There is another post called "ETS 5.7 double objects" I believe our colleague talks about the same thing.

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    Angel Arolski

    Thank you, Vassilios.

    I didn't realize there is an ETS update.

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    João Silva

    Yes it happend to me also. But another thing has started to happen, using Hager produts TYA range when downloading the project the address light of all the modules stays on (when not in address mode) and the modules are disabled ( doens't react to the programming) until i cut power to them. (KNX power Source).

    Does it happend to anyone?

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