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ETS Professional feature requests

Geräte-Programmversion bei den Tabellen zeigen - show device program version in tables


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  • Michael Critchfield

    Dear Mr. Steffens, Thank you for the idea and mockup. I assume what you are really interested in is, whether there is a newer version available in the Online Catalog, correct?

  • Michael Steffens

    Hi Mr. Critchfield,

    Actually - that would be even better.
    Like in the project visible on the screenshot there are roughly 50x MDT "Taster Smart". If there is a newer version available and it's worth updating I'd never do all at once (required time, chance to test, etc.).
    So my idea was really to see the version numbers in the table and therefore to see if an application needs to be updated.

    But yes, you are right, if there was a column or any indication for each device that is indicating that a newer version is available in the catalog that would not only serve the reason for my request but also it would save the time comparing devices against the catalog.
    That would be ideal.

  • Rune Karlsen

    The version number should not only be available to control if there is any newer application in the online catalogue. It could also be used to control what versions there are in project and sort the devices by application version.