ETS Professional feature requests

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Make the MAC Address field selectable
3 oy 3 yorum
Links with secure dummies not showing up in group address
0 oy 1 yorum
Column for Status
0 oy 0 yorum
Linescan more options
4 oy 1 yorum
Group address test widget in group monitor
1 oy 0 yorum
Favourite Workspace
0 oy 0 yorum
Read device serial number and update individual address programming flag
0 oy 0 yorum
ETS on a Mac
56 oy 37 yorum
Write multiple group addresses Planlandı
17 oy 4 yorum
Project sort by date
5 oy 5 yorum
Möglichkeit Lokale Projekte nach Datum sortieren Yanıtlandı
2 oy 1 yorum
Allow a 'whole string search' on the search fields Planlandı
15 oy 5 yorum
Disable Double-Klick on GA Option
4 oy 6 yorum
Give the option to Open Hyperlinks (such as GA) in a new window below the current one Planlandı
4 oy 2 yorum
ETS6 overview page by clicking on the KNX symbol
8 oy 3 yorum
Streamlined Group Address Management
3 oy 3 yorum
Extended copy - copy to existing addresses and lines
0 oy 0 yorum
Redo button
7 oy 4 yorum
Feature request search by serial number
7 oy 4 yorum
Toggle multiple interfaces - simultaneously downloading (VPN)
10 oy 2 yorum
Properties-Information-Catalog copy text
1 oy 0 yorum
ETS into transmission mode
4 oy 1 yorum
Group Address numbers
3 oy 1 yorum
Rename ETS objects with function key F2. Tamamlandı
3 oy 1 yorum
ETS 6.2.1 - Link with column
4 oy 0 yorum
Reporting - Component Serial Numbers Planlandı
2 oy 1 yorum
Disable search for a Internet connection and license at starting the ETS
9 oy 0 yorum
ETS6 Cloud license Tamamlandı
6 oy 3 yorum
Link with Short keys
2 oy 0 yorum
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