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ETS Professional feature requests

Multiple selection count




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  • Official comment
    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello Stephen,

    Hello all,

    We have some good fresh news! The counter for selected items has returned in the software and it will be available with the next updated this autumn! Thanks a lot for the given feedback!

    Regards, Vassilios

  • Michael Critchfield

    Dear Mateus,

    Indeed the bottom status bar was removed and its contents were in many places moved to more intuitive areas. 

    I wonder though why you need the number of devices in your selection. From what you wrote, I tried to understand the use case, as in "What are you trying to do and why does the current ETS not fulfil this request".

    Can you please describe it to me with more context. That would be much appreciated.

    Best regards,


  • Mateus Sybilla

    Simply to count device types in concrete building parts.

  • Michael Critchfield

    Dear Mateus,

    thank for your feedback. Did you see the count at the top of each panel, like here:

    This feature in addition to the filter options, should provide you with a more flexible and intuitive workflow.

    Please give it a try.

  • Mateus Sybilla

    I did see this feature, but as long that number depends on filter it will be slow on very big projects. I miss the possibility to see count of actual selection.

  • Stephen Tankard

    Hi Michael,

    I too find the ability to have a count of the selection a very useful feature in ETS5

    In my case today my customer has several lines each with a fair number of devices (~40) which are TP1-64 and have an estimated bus current of 10mA but I know that the estimated value is wrong.  I want to know as quickly as possible how many devices there are in order to add an adjustment.  Obviously I can copy the devices to another new line and get the "one size fits all" count there, or, even worse, move the cursor down stepwise and count them one by one...

    Why would KNX Association take this away?  It seems a pointless backward step.  Please make a place for "devices in selection" to displayed in ETS6 ASAP.  Maybe in the Properties sidebar?

    Thank you!