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a problem with the online catalog




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  • Fernando Palomares

    I'm having issues with online catalog as well. Can't see all devices from KNX Association and I have errors when I try to import devices to my projects.

  • Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello update to the latest ETS 6.1.1, the problem should be resolved.

    In case you still have a problem with the devices, clear the user settings as explained here:

  • Hagar Moshe

    hey! the issue for me was that the cloud button wasn't pressed, so it only showed me products that i had already downloaded.

    but this button has been removed in the update so it not going to happen to anyone anymore probably

  • Fernando Palomares

    My issue was different. The sync with the online catalog did not worked properly. I updated to ETS6 6.1.1 and it works just fine. Also for the device for KNX Virtual, catalog shows it when you mark the country as Belgium.

    I attach the answer from KNX support people:

    Latha Soppinahalli Shivalinagappa (KNX Association)

    16 nov 2023, 13:43 CET

    Dear Fernando,
    It is possible that the problem will result in the software being updated to the latest version. As a result, download and install this update:

    ETS Professional v6.1.1:
    Also, You need select online catalog market as "Belgium" to get device.

    If there are problems that have been installed in the latest version, the generate and delivery is in the diagnostic archives as described in a continuation:

    ETS Professional:

    Best Regards,

    Latha Soppinahalli | KNX Association | KNX Tools Engineer


    Hope this message helps any other people experience catalog issues.


  • Ralf Locker


    in V6.1.1 íst no Button for the  web catalouge.

    I removed the V6.1.1 and install V6.1.0; then there is everything fine.