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remote connection ets to project



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  • Stefan Jansen

    Assuming the local project has an KNX IP gateway for reaching the KNX/EIB network, then I suggest you set up a VPN connection that connects to the local network where the KNX IP gateway is reachable in. Once you connect to this VPN, ETS should be able to discover the KNX IP gateway and you should be able to connect to it. Alternatively. I'd suggest you run ETS on a local machine over there, and take over the screen using TeamViewer, LogMeIn, VNC (over VPN) or alike.

  • Lars Krogsveen

    I use VPN to try to connect to a remote location, ping to the IP router works, but I get no connection in ETS - what can be wrong? The connection does not show up. Is it something wrong with local IP on my computer?