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ETS Inside on Linux - No dongles found



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  • René Hézser

    Hi Ricardo. Did you manage to solve that problem? I've got the same running inside a Docker container.

  • Riccardo De Menna

    Hi René,

    In a way yes. I’m using a slightly modified ubuntu running on an udoo quad. I didn’t find a solution to the problem but I rapidly found out that running everything as root caused all the issues to vanish. I guess this means that my problem was somehow related to hardware access permissions. I’m more of a FreeBSD guy and didn’t have the skills to investigate this Linux-type issue. Since the machine is a dedicated one, I had no issues with running it as root.

  • René Hézser

    Hi Ricardo,

    thanks for the answer. I'll continue looking for a solution then :-)

    Sooner or later we'll find a solution. I know others are looking as well.