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KNX VIRTUAL v. 04042022 - Download programm error



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  • li liu

    I meet the same problem, wish someone can tell us how to deal with.


    I have the same problem with knx virtual devices and i cant download application on devices 


  • Mohamed Ali

    Hi, I have solved this issue, look at your order number, it must be the same

  • Nemanja Sinikovic

    What is order number and same with what?

    Thank you.

  • Robbin Pinxten

    I also have this issue, I tried using a previous version of KNX Virtual (2.4) but that also gave me the same error. Does anyone know a fix?

  • Nemanja Sinikovic

    Everything is fine.Only what you should to is,choose device which you have on KNX Virtual devices list.For example,on KNX Virtual you have ID D4 as klix,named,than you must find originaly in devices in ETS6 and choose only him.Try that.

  • Samuel Stasiov

    It doesn't work anyway. Still the same.

  • yucheng liu

    oh my god! anything can tell us deal with?  include knx official  

  • Radosław Jankowski

    Well, it's strange, but newer versions(newer than 1.0) of catalog doesn't work... We can use KV.exe app with 1.0 catalogs. It will work, but my suggestion is to first download inividual adress of one device, then make download partial, and then go to another device.

  • Christophe Girard

    Hi everyone.
    When you open a new project on ETS 6 you have to uncheck the creation of a 1.1 line because the new version of KV uses a 1.0 address.
    Add a new participant.
    In the properties of the participant you must manually assign an address zone 1 line 0 or 1.0.
    Please note that address 1.0 and version 1.0 are not the same thing.