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ETS 5.7 double objects




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  • Official comment
    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello everyone, this bug has been resolved in ETS5 v5.7.2, see here: I would recommend to subscribe to our release notes section so that you stay up-to-date.


  • Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello Tiago,

    Thanks for your message. I have created a support ticket to report this bug. Could you please provide your diagnostic files as described here: in the ticket? Thanks!

  • Jochen Müller

    We have the same problem even without copying a KNX product.

    It only occurs on actuators where we can switch between shutter and blinds mode. In some cases we have objects for both modes visible. The following screenshot shows the problem on the device "GIRA 1048 00".

    Another example makes it more obvious that there are both modes visible. You can see the objects for "Position shutter" (Position Jalousie), "Position blinds" (Position Rollladen/Markise) and "Position slats" (Position Lamellen). The device in this screenshot is a "Berker 75318008".

  • Nick Hermans

    We're having the same issue, toggling the output type (eg wit/without slat adjustment) fixes the problem until the project is closed. When reopening, they appear again.

    The only fix is deleting the device and inserting or using the 'Default paramaters' button. Copying a device does't appear to give a problem.

    When checking the XML, even when both devices have the same parameters, the bad device has less ParameterInstanceRef lines and most of them are missing their values. The GroupObjectTree shows the duplicates.

    At the moment we're having this problem with:

    • ABB JRA/S2.230.5.1 Blind/RollerShutterAct,TD,M,2f,230V V1.4
    • ABB JRA/S4.230.5.1 Blind/RollerShutterAct,TD,M,2f,230V V1.4
    • Theben DALI-Gateway KNX plus V1.0
  • Angel Arolski

    I am also having similar issues. Mines were with JUNG products, so I guess it is more of an ETS issue rather than manufacturer. It seems to me it appears randomly though.


    As you, guys the only solution I found was deleting the device and adding it again. It can get a bit frustrating when it happens more often and I end up setting parameters again and reconnecting groups.

  • Harald Faller

    I have the same problem.

    I have used the project with ETS Version 5.7.1 and updated now on 5.7.2

    But i still have the problem with the KO's

    Here is the Logfile 

  • karthikeyan Visvanathan

    I also have the same issue 


    when ever we copy paste or import a project backups  we have this double objects in our projects  

    im using ets 5.7.1 

  • Duncan Greene is this bug now fixed?

  • Jochen Müller

    @Duncan Greene

    I think that the bug was fixed with ETS 5.7.2 as you can read in the changelog: "Double Group Object entries (any affected projects are not repaired upon import and shall be repaired by the KNX support team)." (